Remote Athlete Training Plan

$179.00 / month for 6 months

  • 1 Video analysis per month
  •  1 Movement screen for us to evaluate per month
  •  A specific routine designed just for you
  • Drill work to help you bring the strength work you’re doing onto the field
  • Each drill has been recorded/explained and included in the plan so athletes know exactly what they should be doing
  • Plans can be executed anywhere
  • Unlimited WhatsApp Communication with us

When I was in college, I struggled to maintain success over the long term, because I had no idea what things were actually making me successful. I tinkered, and I tinkered. Ultimately I ended up being more frustrated than anything. Some days I would hit great, other days I would look like a fool. Hitting poorly is infuriating. So infuriating that I spent the last 10+ years dedicating my life to figuring out what things actually govern hitting success. I want to share this information with you, and help you have the sustained success that I was unable to accomplish. Let’s get to work.

Kurt Hewes – Founder and CEO of Ignite Baseball


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