Decoding The Science Of Bat Speed

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🎯 Unlock the Power of Bat Speed: Kurt emphasizes how bat speed is a predictive measure that can elevate your exit velocity. The key? Understanding the intricacies beyond just the numbers.

🔄 Scalar vs. Vector: Ever wondered why bat speed is a scalar quantity? Kurt breaks down the science—magnitude without direction. But he’s got a revolutionary idea to make it more predictive—cue the shift to bat velocity!

🔄 Direction Matters: Kurt dives into the wonky world of bat shapes and how it affects quantifying speed. Imagine measuring your bat speed when it’s parallel to the baseball’s line. That’s the game-changing functionality he envisions!

⚙️ Functional Bat Speed: Beware of the “bat drag” trap! Kurt explains why raw speed might not be functional if it’s not aligned with the baseball’s flight direction. Learn how to turn speed into hitting power!

📈 Optimizing Bat Velocity: Kurt drops a recommendation bomb for measurement companies like Blast and Diamond Kinetics. Enhance reporting to understand how long you’re within 5 mph of peak bat speed for optimal hitting strategy.

🤔 Contact Dynamics: Unpredictable contact spots? Kurt tackles the challenge and emphasizes the ideal swing—maintain speed within 5 mph of max throughout the entire swing, from the back to the front of the zone.

❌ Beyond One Number: Forget fixating on a single bat speed number! Kurt’s wisdom—focus on increasing bat speed, optimizing barrel placement, quicker swings, and smarter pitch decisions for an all-encompassing hitting strategy.

 👊 Path to Better Hitting: Kurt’s parting wisdom—improve, but don’t fixate! Elevate your game by working on multiple aspects simultaneously. It’s the key to becoming a well-rounded and impactful hitter!

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