Are Travel Baseball Organizations Setting Athletes Up For Success?

Here’s a thing about Northern Virginia that you probably know intuitively, but I’ll say it directly. To most of the families in this area, academics is the most important thing. As a result, some schools are just out of the question. If Castleton University (where I went to college) tried to recruit someone from this area, the odds of that person going to play at Castleton are next to zero. Unless that player really likes skiing. It’s just not a prestigious enough school.

Have Patience, Kids Can Do Great Things!

I think about what it was like to be a player. I’m getting a little bit older, but it wasn’t that long ago. And how I like to be coached. I had coaches in my life that allowed me to play in a way that was free, and I felt like they believed in me. In times like this, I usually performed my best, and I had other coaches that wanted to try and control every little thing that I did. I always felt micromanaged as an adult. I’m sure you can relate to how annoying it is to be micromanaged.

Here’s What Division 1 Coaches Are Actually Looking For

One of the things that’s really frustrating for me as someone who guides baseball and softball players is athletes who focus all of their attention on skill work, and none of their attention on their explosiveness. It’s important to understand the distinction between the two. How hard you throw, and hit is a demonstration of …

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