Meet Us

About Us

Ignite was founded with the goal of truly helping athletes.

After working for other companies where player development was treated like an assembly line, 

Kurt knew that Ignite had to be different.



Founder and CEO Kurt Hewes


Our Story

Kurt had felt most training he had done had been counterproductive to his success on the baseball field. He often thought, “is there something wrong with me?” Which over time turned into, “is there something wrong with the training?” 
There was something wrong with the training, and we’re fixing it. 
Like science, our work “fixing training,” will never be done, and we will continuously improve. Inching closer and closer to the perfect way to train, knowing we’ll never reach it.

Meet Our Team


Conner Walker – Director of Hitting


Alex Preston – Director of Throwing


Tom Edwards – Ignite Pitching and Hitting Instructor


Brandon Watkins – Ignite Hitting Instructor


Ignite Hunter Stanton – Hitting Instructor


Eric O’Brien – Ignite Pitching Instructor