Introducing Hitting Vs.

How hard do the pitchers you face throw? Do they have the ability to fool you with movement and off-speed showings? Well, let’s prepare for that so you can play at your best. You can now do just that in our new 60 minute group training called Hitting Vs.

Athletes will focus not only on hitting game relevant velocities, but also on building the movements that make hitters successful. We will use our Ignite Hitting Curriculum, to guide our training. We’ll also be utilizing technology like Blast, K-Vest, Rapsodo and HitTrax to evaluate where improvements can be made.

If you’re a little younger (4th, 5th or 6th Grade) and just looking to build the fundamentals of your swing our hitting foundations class would be a great fit. In this eight week class, we focus on the early levels. These three levels allow young hitters to establish a solid baseline of competency.