At Home 4 Week Plans

We Get It Your Schedule Is Crazy

Coming in 3-4 times a week for Throw fast, Hit hard, Stay Healthy may not fit your schedule. That's fine, but strength training once per week isn't enough for athletes to improve in a real way. So come in as often as you can, and buy an at home training subscription. So you can still train at home when you can't make it.

How does it work?

1) We look at your video and data 2) We establish what part of your swing you need to work on this month. Swing components that we address - The Forward Move, Rotation of The Pelvis, Rotation of The Torso, Movement of The Upper Body (see orange dots below).
3) We enroll you into a 4 week plan that not only gets you stronger but also addresses the movement deficiency that we established in #2.
4) You work on the plan 2-4 times per week at home or in the facility.
5) Next month we decide if you should stay on the same plan or we need to adjust.

Do you need to work on way your pelvis rotates?

This starts the sequence of our rotation and allows us to build potential energy in our swing.


Do you need to work on your forward move?

This is what allows us to get our swing off quickly. 


Do you need to work on the way your torso rotates?

This allows us to deliver the energy that is stored through the opening of our pelvis away from our torso.

Do you need to work on the way that your upper body moves during your swing?

This allows you to establish and maintain angles of our barrel throughout our swing. This is really important for being able to find barrels even when pitching is great.

'It constantly amazes me how much technology is available to young players to allow them to improve their skills, particularly for hitting .  However, knowing how to harness those tools and use the data to tailor a plan that best fits the individual player is something that Ignite has excelled at for Leo.   In the short time that Leo has been working with Ignite, he has seen significant improvement in his exit velocity and hitting the ball further.  However, it was the most recent remote plans that really had an impact.  The targeted drills and 4-week plan produced a huge jump in how hard and far he is driving the ball now.  The tailored plan combined with reinforcement of the mechanics is showing great results for Leo this season."
Isaac Christoffersen
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