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Thank you for everything you have done for Robert.
I have nothing but great words to say about the Ignite staff and facilities.  Professionalism, motivation and expertise are just a few words I would use to describe the staff.  The coaches take the time to see what each player needs to work on and then provide a recommendation for training.  They are an advocate, mentor and coach for your player.  We saw an immediate improvement in confidence in our 9yr olds swing. I love how detailed they are about every aspect of your swing.  The facility is a state of the art training facility.  During the lockdown, the zoom sessions were just as valuable as being in the facility.  We are very sad to leave our son will miss the staff and constant support they provided him.


Ignite baseball has been an amazing experience, every time step foot in the facility I feel there is a clear set goal of what needs to be done that day to get better. Every time I come in I feel that not only do I improve my swing but I learn why what I am doing helps me improve my swing.


Must give credit where credit is due…Ignite (Softball) has been incredible for our daughter!  She began working with Ignite when she was 11 years old and has completely transformed as a hitter over the last few years.  Now 14 years old, she hits with power and with a level of confidence that is truly night and day from when she started.  In addition to private hitting lessons, she has also really enjoyed group lessons with a few of her teammates.  Through the group lessons, they focus on hitting mechanics, throwing mechanics, and overall strength and conditioning for these athletes. Over the last three years with the Ignite team, my daughter has had the opportunity to work with most of the coaches on staff and the experience has been incredibly positive with all of them.  The enthusiasm the Ignite coaches have for what they do is evident and makes for a very positive and fun environment for my daughter!


Our son has been working with the Ignite team for a year and we could not be happier. The Ignite team offers data-based, one-on-one instruction for players with the goal not simply of improving outcomes but also of having ballplayers understand the process of getting better – it’s incremental and not constant, which is why it’s so important for the kids to understand the process, not just how to hold a bat or throw a ball. The instructors tend to focus on just one thing at a time, enabling kids to master that one thing before moving to the next. They also have lots of strategies in their toolkit, so if one approach doesn’t work, they’ve got another strategy on deck. They literally will meet your player wherever you are; during the pandemic, our son received hitting and pitching instruction via webcam and also did long toss with a pitching coach at a local park.


The Cadets team my son is on is simply a terrific fit.  The coaches are concerned about the players’ mental state and physical health as well as baseball skills.  Practices have targeted and identified goals with lots of reps.  In games, coaches tend to let kids play in the moment and provide quiet instruction as the kids come off the field one on one.  The goal is improvement, not winning (although an improvement-driven mindset also tends to produce wins).  To that end, the team plays up in NVTBL games with the understanding that being challenged is more important than winning.  Finally, the coaches also walk the walk:  when they feel like they have done something better, they talk with the team to explain what they want to do differently next time.  It’s refreshing to have so much talent and yet so little ego among the players and coaching staff on this team.


My 10 year old son, Isaiah, was struggling at the plate. His coaches put him at the bottom of the lineup and he was discouraged. It was frustrating for me to see, and I didn’t know how to help. Generic tips like “keep your eyes on the ball” and “be confident” were just frustrating him more.

Thankfully, we met coach Kurt one night at the batting cage. He generously offered us just 2 very specific cues that completely changed Isaiah’s swing in the best way. I immediately booked 1-1 sessions and am so grateful I did!

Kurt has a brilliant way of diagnosing his swing using his keen vision and simple technology. Once he sees and shows Isaiah what he can do better, he communicates it to him very precisely and in a way that is actionable. He uses humor, analogy, and respect to get across his teachings and it works!

It was so wonderful for me as a mom to see my son go from batting last and feeling defeated, to hitting a solid, 2-run homer in the championship game! The best part is not even how much his swing has improved; it’s that he is more confident, he is empowered to take ownership of his baseball experience, and he’s developing a growth mindset.

These are lessons that will serve him throughout his entire life. I highly recommend Coach Kurt and am so grateful to have him in our corner!


I reached out to Kurt Hewes owner of Ignite to talk hitting after a post on Twitter/Instagram. He immediately responded and the exchange began. I had the opportunity to meet with Kurt July of 2017 to see, talk and work hitting with him.

As a high school coach he has been a VALUED resource. I really appreciate the science and analytics in him and how he is continuously researching and evolving as a hitting instructor. The progressions I learned from him really make a difference and transfer over to the swing quickly. They have become a staple to helping hitters grow.

Coaches in the area I encourage you to look into Kurt Hewes and Ignite Baseball. He will be there for you and your program. He is a smart and passionate hitting coach who can help!

Thank you Kurt, for helping me grow and helping our hitters!


Garrett Retka

Sibley Baseball


My Son has been working with Ignite Baseball for about a month now. We have definitely seen improvements in my sons baseball swing. He is hitting the ball harder with more consistency. I am really pleased with the Interaction the Kurt has with my son. Kurt and Ignite Baseball Staff Located in McLean Virginia (Now Fairfax VA, near Mosaic) (Now Arlington) have been doing a great job of explaining WHY they are working on certain movement patterns and drill etc…. So my Son understands why he is doing it. This is great because it is teaching my boy to be his own coach and a Student of the baseball swing and not a follower. If you are looking for someone to help your son hit the ball harder with more consistency and clear explanation as to what you are doing and why. Then I highly recommend you contact Ignite Baseball and Get a Free Evaluation (now $26) while they still have a Free Evaluation. We look forward to continuing to go to Ignite Baseball for our Hitting Instruction.


Kurt from IB has been key in our son’s development as a hitter. Our son now swings with power that he didn’t have before thanks to the simple yet effective drills Kurt teaches. IB’s techniques have also made our son much more confident at the plate. I highly recommend IB to other parents and coaches looking to improve their players’ hitting.


There is a secret in high level baseball hitting instruction in McLean, VA (Now Arlington) that will become no secret at all soon enough….I am hoping! It’s called Ignite Baseball. Kurt Hewes uses major league tested and true hitting instruction techniques to help your player become the best hitter he or she can. This isn’t rocket science, but it is basic science that your physics teachers would be proud of…. The higher your bat velocity and the longer your bat stays on plane in the hitting zone the farther the ball travels whether you’re a 7-year old tee baller or a 27-year old major leaguer. The science is the same and the sooner you learn that the better a hitter your son or daughter will become!! My son didn’t learn this until age 17 with the awesome instruction of Kurt Hewes at Ignite Baseball. His bat speed went from 84mph when he first started to 95mph and climbing today… It’s still a work in progress but the results are real. He sees Kurt weekly and the methods, drills, and instruction Kurt uses are likely NOT being taught by your local baseball hitting cage instructors, even if they’ve played high level ball… There may be a couple out there, but not like Kurt at Ignite Baseball who will teach you exactly how to improve your swing and your hitting approach like you’ve never seen before, so check Kurt out and watch his videos… You’ll be glad you did…. He didn’t ask me to write this either, by the way, but I wanted to help save some dads some serious cash that they’re likely wasting with other inadequate instruction…. And they don’t even realize it. –