Foundations of Hitting Class

You know you want to hit the ball better.

But do you know how to?

If not, let us teach you with our Foundations of Hitting Class

In our Foundations of Hitting Class, our instructors will teach hitters the first steps to becoming consistently dominant.

 We have one goal with this class, to streamline the development of young hitters and help them understand the specifics of what we teach to every single one of our clients. We will do this by not just teaching the keys to the swing, but by giving them the information needed to know how to independently train these areas. This will give young hitters a massive advantage in having full understanding of what they need to do to become better players.

We believe that the way to teach young hitters isn’t cliches and buzzwords. If you wanted to provide for yourself, what would be more beneficial? Being handed some food, or being taught how to fish. After this course, hitters will have the tools on how to eat on their own.